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Can You Increase Restaurant Sales with Video Marketing?

Restaurant Sales
Restaurant Sales

Video content has now surpassed photos on Facebook. Even Instagram, essentially, a photo sharing app, had to start IGTV to stay relevant to their audience. Without doubt, video is the best way to communicate your message to your audience. Almost every industry is using video to market their business on social media.

But there are some businesses that reap greater rewards with video marketing. Restaurants are one of them. 

Here are 4 big reasons why:

  1. Instant Gratification - You’re hungry, its 1pm and you’re thinking where to feed yourself. This is also the time most people are on social media. Boom! A timely message from you on their Facebook or YouTube (geo tagged so its nearby to them) greatly increase the odds that they will come by. Or at the very least, go through your menu on Zomato to see ratings, and consider it for another time.

  2. Touchy Feely - A print ad can’t reproduce the feel of eating a beautiful burger. But video can tantalise with sight, sound and moving picture to get you all hungry. Haven’t you seen an ad on tv for a restaurant and then suddenly felt like eating there? That is the power of video.

  3. Personality - Video allows you to touch upon so many aspects of your restaurant. Your ambience, the decor, the diversity of menu, your staff, your dedication, the deliciousness of the food and most importantly - customer testimonials. Customer testimonials is the backbone of billion dollar company like Zomato because people need to hear other peoples recommendations. 

  4. Cost Effective - Video advertising on social media is cost effective. You set the budget, you target the neighbourhood, the audience and measure how many new customers came in for the slow lunch period, or slow weekday dinner. It can be as little as $100 to as much as $1000.

But I’m a small restaurant owner. Not some fancy restaurant or big franchise. How can I afford to produce videos?

The question is how can you afford to not do it. Videos can be produced with the most minimal equipment these days use some basic discipline that you can learn online. If you can hire a professional production house like Big Film, great. But you have DSLR’s with video capability. Heck, even your phone shoots in High Definition. If you’re going guerrilla, here are some tips:

  1. If you’re shooting from your phone, invest in a decent quality mic. You can get one at your local video shop. Bad audio always looks unprofessional and turns the audience off. If its a DSLR, the same applies.

  2. Stabilise. Don’t run around with your phone in your hand. Find a tripod for your phone. Set it down on the shot and shoot.

  3. Make sure everything in your shot looks good. Clean everything. Add some color in the decor. Use natural light to your advantage.

  4. Become a spokesman for your restaurant. People like to know who owns the place where they eat. Clearly, you have a passion to serve people good food. Talk about why and why your restaurant will delight them. Tell them what’s interesting on your menu and why.

  5. Sit down with your team and make a list of things that would interest audiences. Cooking videos like buzz feed, personal stories of the staff, customer testimonials etc.

If however, you would like professional help, feel free to go to and ask us to help you out. Let’s figure out how much you can budget to spend and then make the most of your money to get customers running to your restaurant! Good luck!

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